Post-Op Massage Consultation

At Calmbynature, we understand that each of our unique customers come with a special need and purpose. As such, we work with you to determine what service, package and duration of treatment to best achieve your goal. Book a consultation today, and let's set your goals in motion.


  • POST-OP Consultation and Treatment 88min - $123
  • Five Sessions $111 each 1hr 11min - $555
  • Ten Sessions $101 each 1hr 11min - $1010
  • Twenty Sessions $90.90 each 1hr 11min - $1818

Recommended Post-Op Massage Schedule

  • Week 1 From day after surgery, daily
  • Week 2 Every second day
  • Week 3-4 Three times a week
  • Week 4-6 Two times a week
  • Week 7-12 Once a week

Keep in mind that everyone's body heals differently. This schedule is a guide, healing times from week 4 may differ per person.

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