Heal your body, mind, and spirit for a better YOU

Heal your body, mind, and spirit for a better YOU

Are you in search of a guide to propel your life positively and elevate your spirit?
Are you in need of post-operative care to give your body a complete healing experience?
We welcome you to Calm By Nature

Calmbynature offers you life coaching, post-operative care, and spiritual enlightenment to encourage a wholesome healing process, setting you on the right path back to fulfilment. Whether you are recovering from cosmetic surgery, maintaining your shape, looking for a mental breakthrough, emotionally overwhelmed or looking for that spiritual freedom, our services are customized to your unique needs and personality.

What sets us apart

Experienced hands

Calmbynature is fitted with experienced and qualified personnel who cater to your body, mind, and spirit needs using tools and skills to ensure you have a satisfying journey with us.


We are all about you, your needs, your wellness. We strive to provide nothing less than making quality products, services and materials easily accessible to better enhance your journey at affordable rates.

Soothing environment for total healing

We have created a non-judgmental space to breakthrough stigmas and release all negative energies. Here, you can relax and follow your path to happiness.

What we offer


Imagine yourself in a place that brings you joy, your future self is walking towards you.
Allow us to guide you through this process of self-discovery and enlightenment as we show you the benefits of living a life of gratitude. Be it a battle with anxiety, depression, or any negative feeling, always remember, one can only feel one emotion at a given time. Gratitude is an exceptional emotion to hold, allowing the negative emotion to pass. Our goal is to empower you to become your best self; breaking through barriers, stigmas, co-dependency and limited belief patterns. It’s our intention to hold space and allow you to manifest your greatest dreams. We will focus on personal growth and maximization of ones success. We are all mirrors of ourselves. We will be the embodiment of what you need on your life’s journey.

Reiki therapy

Experience a unique form of natural healing with our Reiki therapy.
We employ the healing qualities of crystals and angel card readings in our Reiki sessions to channel good energy flow and restore your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Post-operative therapy

Whether you are recovering from cosmetic surgery or maintaining your shape our post-operative therapy is exactly what you need to experience a complete recovery and healing.
We specialize in applying effective massage and non-surgical techniques using equipment to rid your body of inflammation, post-op fluid, excess body fat while enhancing your body's curves.

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