Radiofrequency Laser Tightening

We use this non-surgical technique to tighten your skin, encourage collagen production, and contour your body to achieve that optimal shape and look you’re striving to gain.

How it works

RF energy waves are used to heat deep into the layers of your skin, causing fat cells to break down and drain through the lymphatic system. Afterwards, the infrared light is used to boost your collagen, improving your skins elasticity. Combined, you obtain a tighter, well-contoured body.


  • Add-on 20min - $44
  • Consult 15min - $22
  • One session 1hr 11min each - $99
  • Five sessions 1hr 11min each - $444
  • Ten sessions 1hr 11min each - $777
    *includes 10min lymphatic massage in each session

What People Say